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Everything else is leaving Old Town, he said. What the hell? They dont even have the (Western Festival) Parade down here anymore. Chili Festival organizer Dave Hipskind, who owns The Red Door antiques shop in Old Town, said that there are three reasons why the festival was relocated to the park. The first reason is the (Old Town) Plaza is kind of torn up right now, he said. The second reason is a kind of lack of support from Old Town and the surrounding areas. It came to a point that only several of us were doing most of the work. And (thirdly), the fact in order for me to build (the festival) with the International Chili Society, I needed to move it to two days, so that I could draw in more contestants from the outlying areas. Hipskind, who is a 2015 ICS world champion, said that he already has commitments from contestants in southern California, Las Vegas, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. In addressing the disappointment shared by some Old Town merchants regarding the festivals departure, Hipskind stated that he noticed a decline in spillover from the event. As a merchant here, as well, and being really close to the cook-off site, I noticed that for the last two or three years, the spillover from the (festival) attendees themselves coming into the merchants stores have gone down dramatically, he said. So, as a merchant, I was not seeing a lot of benefit from that. Hipskind mentioned that information about the change in the festivals venue was presented through an Old Town Elk Grove Foundation meeting.

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