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There's less money available to get students out into the workforce, being in competition with other programs and academic areas. "I just don't think he [Gov. Brown] understands the unintended consequences," she added. One of those is that people with passion for agriculture, automotive, construction, culinary and graphic arts or other fields will lose interest, then those programs eventually just die down. According to Martinadale, these programs give students beneficial opportunities extending beyond just the classroom. Once a program is gone from a school it's a very tough task to get it back, she said. Many have also engaged in the conversation about what the exact timeframe for schools would be to feel the impact, if any at all. "UC Davis and other schools won't be felt for the first couple of years, it'll be two to three years down the road," she said. "Every program that doesn't have solid replacements, it'll be gone in the next five years." ABC10's Anne Di Grazia visited Elk Grove High School's Ag Department.

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