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By contrast, under the AHCA that individual would be asked to spend nearly 25 percent of her income on her health insurance premium, paying $4,036 per year or $336 per month. In Kern County, a 62-year-old earning $30,000 a year would pay 8.3 percent of his income toward health insurance premiums ($2,494 per year or $208 per month under the ACA). If the AHCA were in effect, he would be asked to allocate more than 30 percent of his income to health insurance, paying $9,182 a year or $765 per month. Yet under the AHCA, this consumer would have to spend 100 percent of her income on her premium and would still fall short of what it would take to purchase a plan that costs $17,873 per year, or $1,489 per month. Closer to home, a 62-year-old Lake County resident earning $30,000 would see their annual burden jump from an average of $2,494 to $13,487 under the Republican plan. The cost of coverage for a 27-year-old in the same income bracket would almost double. In fact, according to the analysis, costs would only come down slightly for those earning more that $75,000 a year and those in extreme poverty. Covered California provided data for consumers aged 27, 40 and 62 years old who earn $17,000; $30,000; or $75,000 per year in each of Californias 19 rating regions. The premium projections estimated premiums and tax credits in 2020 under both the AHCA and ACA, using Covered Californias trend of a 7 percent average rate change during its first three years of operation to establish a baseline of what ACA coverage would cost. Lee says the AHCA does address some of the gaps in our current health care system, such as providing needed financial assistance to those above 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

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